What People Are Saying

A algunas personas les puede parecer llamativo que un Doctor en Medicina hable sobre un libro basado en la Mediumnidad, pero como científico tengo que mencionar que Mikel y ahora su obra me ha cautivado porque antes que la especulación, han estado los hechos.
Para poder entender lo que quiero expresar nos tendremos que ir al inicio de la historia. Hace años, por medio de un amigo, me recomendaron fuese a conocer a una persona llamada Mikel Lizarralde que daba una conferencia en una localidad cercana.
Avisé a otros dos amigos y compañeros de profesión a ir y aunque quedamos para desplazarnos juntos, uno de ellos, por diversos motivos me comentó que nos veríamos allí, en el congreso.
Cuando llegamos al evento y nos dio el tiempo justo en saludar a Mikel en la recepción del mismo, pero nuestro amigo que iba a ir por su cuenta, no había llegado, así que nos introdujimos en el interior de la sala, nos sentamos en las primeras filas de un auditorio de forma escalonada y que estaba prácticamente abarrotado.
Mientras Mikel hablaba de ese “otro lado” pudimos ver que nuestro amigo llegaba y se situaba en el centro de las localidades más altas, eran las únicas que se encontraban libres.
Mikel pasó a dar una serie de mensajes de todo tipo a personas asistentes, los cuales, al no conocerlo, podíamos pensar que están pactados o amañados, pero cuál es mi sorpresa cuando ya para finalizar, se dirige a mi amigo, compañero y antiguo profesor de la Facultad de Medicina, y comienza a darle una serie de mensajes, muchos de los cuales, eran muy específicos y como novedad, mi amigo me los había relatado hacía pocos días ante una taza de café en mi domicilio.
¡¡¡Mikel no podía saber absolutamente nada de esto!!! Pero aun así, le comentó en público cosas muy personales que sólo unos pocos, como he mencionado anteriormente, conocíamos, y que desde luego ningún otro de la sala podía saberlo.
A partir de ahí hemos intercambiado y compartido conocimientos, historias y reflexiones y ahora con este magnífico libro, Mikel se desnuda contándonos como es él, sus experiencias, búsquedas e investigaciones. Como dice en uno de sus capítulos, en “Busca de Respuestas” es seguro que todos y cada uno de nosotros las encontraremos en esta magnífica obra.
Un Médico y un Medium, ¡menuda mezcolanza!, pero el respeto y las ganas de aprender y aprehender han hecho que los dos no solo nos oigamos, sino que siempre nos escuchemos y ahora, podamos compartir sus conocimientos mediante la lectura de su libro.

Firmado Dr. Miguel Angel Pertierra

Over €100,000 spent in fertility treatments, medications, immunology treatments at home and abroad, acupuncture,...

Almost 5 years trying to have a baby.

The hard and painful journey.

Worst of all has been the realization that doctors don’t know everything.

Lucky are those couples that fit into the cookie cutter solution and get pregnant easily.

After a time doctors told us to give up. I never believed them because I know I will have a baby so we switched doctors again.

Treatment, after treatment, after treatment, I wanted to ask the Spirit World.

In December 2016, I was so lucky to have a reading by Mikel Lizarralde, Spain's # 1 medium. The waiting time is over one year but due to an unexpected cancellation I was able to have the reading earlier.

Mikel was able to tell me what he saw and thus, pinpoint the problem.

His accuracy and vision were incredible. I didn't say a word. I just listened. In addition to having departed loved ones come through to give me messages, Mikel told me that I will have a biological child and that my problem is not infertility. It is implantation. Many healthy embryos are falling through, they are not attaching strongly to the uterine wall. This is everything I needed to hear. I now know what to do in addition to following the other vital instructions given to me by Spirit and Mikel.

I will forever be grateful to Mikel Lizarralde and the Spirit World.

I look forward to having good news very soon.

A persevering woman, Frankfurt, March 8, 2017

I have had the great pleasure of attending several of Mikel's mediumship classes. Mikel is attentive, insightful, and of course intuitive. I learned a great deal from those classes, more than I had in years prior. I am forever grateful to Mikel.

Lily Gander (USA)

I've had two readings with Mikel. Both were unforgettable. The information he relayed from the Spirit world was accurate and given with compassion and integrity. Mikel is a truly gifted medium and clairvoyant, and also, a beautiful human being. Interacting with Mikel is good for the soul.

Wanda Amos (Halifax - Canada)

My times spent with Mikel Lizaralde have been nothing short of amazing. The gifts this man has as a Medium are incredible. His ability to reach spirit and convey their messages, with such accuracy coupled with his kind and pleasant manor, makes the experience of his readings unforgettable.

In my lifetime I have experienced readings from many Mediums from various countries. I say this with sincerity when I say Mikel Lizaralde is one of the best I have had to honor to sit with.

Rev. Eileen Casey Gonzalez (Halifax - Canada)

What a fantastic time I had with Mikel 's psychic developement classes last summer. He is so dynamic and full of new ideas on how to develop psychic abilities.I only wish he lived in Canada so I could benefit from his talents more often. Thank you so very much Mikel for everything.

Gerard (Halifax - Canada)

I have taken a workshop with Mikel and was totally amazed at the depth of his work. I feel truly blessed at having experienced his teaching methods.

Dr. Joe Turner (Nova Scotia - Canada)

I heard your talk in Alcoy, on 31st March 2012 and I loved it. At first I had doubts about you (aren’t you like so many who just want money?), but no, after hearing you all my doubts were gone and you have given me a new inner strength and a belief that it is true, good and honest clairvoyants exist. THANK YOU AND SORRY FOR HAVING HAD THOSE DOUBTS, YOU ARE A GREAT PERSON AND A GREAT BEING OF LIGHT. THANKS A LOT.

Susana (Alicante - Spain)

After several days since my reading with Mikel, finally I have been able to come down from the cloud I was on, which Mikel had taken me to. And now that I am back, I want to say this: It’s amazing and incredible what happens in a reading with a medium, the fact that he sits in front of you and with no questions before hand, start talking about a person or people, giving information that only you know (in my case my parents) is amazing, apart from everything else he is telling you about your life and then he gives you the option of asking questions. The answers are amazing. The feeling I have after seeing him is of much peace and much clarity especially on issues that were troublesome for me. I would also like to thank the guidance, advice and help given to me concerning how to deal with my illness, which is cancer, both on a therapeutic level and within the reading itself. IT IS MUCH APPRECIATED IN MY SITUATION BUT I WOULD LIKE TO LEAVE CLEAR THAT MIKEL LIZZARALDE MUST BE EXPERIENCED, MUST BE LISTENED TO AND INTEGRATED. THE ONLY WORDS I HAVE FOR MIKEL ARE THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WE WILL SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN.

Lastly, I would like to thank the attention and care shown me by his secretary because I was very nervous and she knew how to deal with me so that I was relaxed when I went in to see Mikel.

Inmaculada (Zarautz - Spain)

Many thanks to all the team at Deepening Intuition. I encourage all of you to have this wonderful experience, full of knowledge, sharing, meeting new people, much joy and knowing that we are on the right path in self improvement, in the world and the universe. Many thanks to the teachers Iñaki and Mikel for their dedication, patience, enthusiasm and willingness that they passed on, not just for learning, but to understand how to improve our skills. Without these teachers, many of us would not known or understand the power we have in our mind, body and soul. I have been given many tools this weekend and a blind has been taken off, a blind which often said “I am not able to do that”, “I am afraid” and it’s just so wonderful, great and beautiful. Now what is left is practice, practice and more practice and making it a part of our daily lives. As Iñaki said “5 minutes, just 5 minutes a day” for those who say they have no time. Just to say to this great team, thanks, thanks and many thanks for everything. This weekend I learnt to Deepen Intuition. I had one of the best weekends ever!

With much love and affection. God bless you all!

Gustavo (Alicante - Spain)

I went for a reading with you a little while ago and wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Everything that you said has made a change for the good in me. I would love to do courses with you but I have a duty which is to my little girl and so I cannot do them.

Thank you with all my heart because you let many people, like me, known about loved ones who are no longer here and you make it possible for our lives to change for the better. In my case, talking to my father was very important, and knowing that my daughter speaks to him is very special to me, because I knew my daughter had and has something special. I really appreciate it with all my heart and as I said to you on leaving “I will return”. Thank you for treating me with such kindness. I’ll always be grateful.

Gema (Donostia / San Sebastian - Canada)

I am one of the lucky people who could go to the first conference given in Alcoy by Mikel, last Saturday. Since knowing about the conference LIFE AFTER LIFE, I had been looking forward to going to it with great excitement. What I felt in the three (super short!) hours of the conference is difficult to put into words, because from the moment Mikel entered the conference room, I felt an atmosphere of great inner peace, with all my feelings easily accessible. He began by explaining his past experiences, the why of the conferences, a turn for questions in which many of us there asked many questions, but the culmination was when he started to give messages to many of the attendees. I felt very fortunate because I was also given a message which hit the bull’s-eye with everything he said, with few but just the right words so that I could understand. Thank you Mikel for your simplicity and the great lesson learnt from you. Don’t change and continue with your wonderful work of sharing with all of us your gifts and teachings.

Mª. Carmen (Alcoy - Spain)

Hi Mikel!!!!!

I’m not sure if you’ll read this… I suppose you have lots of requests, messages…..etc. My name is Elena. I had a reading with you two years ago, I’m not sure if you remember. You spoke with my mother who had died eight months previously of cancer. I couldn’t stop crying throughout the whole reading. I was very emotional and at the time was going through a bad patch. It was a difficult year. You said many things…many things are still yet to pass but others that have already passed. I have changed therapist and I now feel better bit by bit. Many ups and downs in love but I am strong and each day I love myself more. Thank you, from the heart, thank you for your help!! My sister has gone to see you more than once, she’s called Carla. Thank you for helping me realize many things, but especially that I had to love myself and enjoy life by relaxing and waiting for with to come on their own… thanks!!!!! A big kiss and hugs! Look after yourself and carry on being such a good person as always and helping others so much...

Elena (Donostia / San Sebastian - Spain)


I have been lucky enough to see you in the conferences you gave in Orio, at the Palacio Miramar. You made me cry, not from sadness but because of the messages of peace and love that you gave those there. We all need to hear from our loved ones who have gone beyond……thanks for showing that we will always be here...

You are unique, I wish there were many like you and I’m sure the world would change, life on earth would be better, for all of us who know you, you have shown us, emotions, you have passed on peace and above all love. Thanks for being like that...

Beatriz Arnal

My experience with Mikel was incredible, it marked a before and after in my life.

I went to his office in San Sebastian and I can truly say that I cried with joy in knowing that my husband was fine and that he was taking care of my children and me.

I know that at that time it was the best thing you could say to me so that I could carry on with my life. Thank you Mikel you were able to bring joy to my life again. Count on me for anything you need.

Txus (Guipuzkoa - Spain)

I met Mikel Lizarralde on the rebound on the internet. I was looking for information about Marilyn Rossner (so-called best clairvoyant in the world) because she had been in Madrid and searching for her I found him. He had studied at her school in Canada and on returning to San Sebastian he opened his own school of intuitive sciences. Great! I thought. And I signed up for one of his courses.

I had only seen a photo of him, so the first time we met, I was a little afraid (you never know who you are going to meet on the path!) Anyway, I was expectant and wondering who he was, what he said or did.

I was pleasantly surprised; honestly I never expected to find such a normal, natural and accessible young man. His manner was nice and sincere.

I also noticed his professionalism. Like a good teacher, he was attentive to every movement of his pupils, resolving every doubt, highlighting important theories and guiding his class to practice, development and better understanding of these sciences that are so important for me such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and mediumship.

Maxi Acuña (Victoria - Spain)

I met Mikel by chance, someone spoke to me about him, they said he was Marilyn’s disciple and I went to one of his conferences. The truth is I was shocked.

Then I went to a private reading and I was impressed with everything he said and he was right, and things are still happening as he said they would.

I decided to sign up for the message circle course which he gives and he is……. Well just to say as a medium there are no words…., as a teacher he is special in that which he teaches and transmits and as a human being he is 10000000000, we are lucky to have him.

Thank you Mikel for being there, shining your light on us.

Isabel (Donostia / San Sebastián - Spain)

Hi Mikel, we met at the end of last year in Coruña and you left me speechless. My mother had just died and you told me so many things about her that since then I understand much more and I am very happy, my brothers, father and I. My father, who is not very spiritual and too scientific, has opened a door to his spirituality since I spoke to you and I told him about my experience. When I finished telling him he said “today I will sleep peacefully knowing that your mother is ok” Nice, isn’t it?

Anyway, I hope that this e-mail reaches you somehow and that my father and younger brother can see you and have an unforgettable experience like I did. While on the subject, are you returning to Coruña? My husband Ivan, wanted to have a reading with you…

Diana (Galicia - Spain)

I heard Mikel through the San Sebastian radio (Cadena Ser). Then I contacted him for a private reading, and up till now everything he predicted he has gotten right. Also not to mention, that he is lovely. When I was invited to and was at one of his courses, he told me that he was getting a new webpage ready and I am looking forward to seeing it soon.

Luisi (Gipuzkoa - Spain)