Un Nuevo Mensaje

Las enseñanzas del médium que aprendió a recibir y a interpretar las señales del más allá

Este libro está lleno de espontaneidad, sencillez y claridad. Los invito a leerlo, a disfrutarlo y a aprender a leer las señales que a todos nos llegan del mundo espiritual.

Puedes encontrarlo en:

Guided mdiatation in three different languages: English, Basque & Spanish.

Mikel Lizarralde and Rec Records have produced this amazing gem. Perfect for those wanting to achieve a greater understanding and autonomy when meditating on their own, and also good for those more experienced willing to use this guided meditation as a foundation to then go into more profound practices. Music and voice have been specially designed to help you achieve a deep state of relaxation. Do take this opportunity!!

Guided Meditation

High quality guided meditation for your daily routine. Wether you are looking for a peaceful and smooth guided meditation to help you relax, or something to set the tone for a more in-depth practice, this 20 minute meditation by Mikel Lizarralde is definitely your best choice.

Guided Meditation

Especially designed to work on the Crown Chacra, this unique meditation helps you tune in with your inner senses as well as working with the highest planes of existance. With the White Light Elevator Meditation, you will be able to get in touch with the Spirit Realm, HIger Self, Inner Intuition and higher wisdom. Medium Mikel Lizarralde uses this meditation for his Clairvoyance Level 2 training. Awakening Your Clairvoyance.