Each reading is unique and special; no two are alike and of course they are completely confidential. I work through your voice. When we are seated opposite each other in a reading there is no dim lighting, capes or strange objects; there is nothing sinister, only a meeting between two people of this world and those who want to join us from the other world. Through your voice I start to see rapid flashes, inconclusive pieces of a puzzle: images, faces, scenes, colours, shapes, people, situations and so on, at the same time as feeling emotions and sensations in my body which I have to make sense of. Sometimes it's a conversation with two or more people. First Spirit will provide facts to help with verification, and we don't proceed to the messages or "reading" until it is clear who is communicating with us.

I'd like you to know that they usually talk to me and I hear them clearly; in general I can see them and feel in my body what they died of, and the affection and emotions they want to transmit; it's extremely intense. On other occasions, the communication is via symbols; the spirit offers symbols and I have to decipher them. This is not a competition to see who gets the most right, nor who is most popular. I am not a fortune teller, but rather a MEDIUM. My intention is not to "guess" how many children you have, what colour your car is, or when you're going to move house, as some people wrongly assume. That information may be given, but it is irrelevant to Spirit. My ultimate objective is to establish a connexion between you and your loved ones to give you peace and tranquility in your heart, so deep that it will change your life.

It requires a lot of energy for a spirit to appear, and it doesn't always happen as we would like it to. It's true that if there has been a link of love and/or a genetic link, the spirit will probably come, but this doesn't always happen. The first to come is not always the one we want most, but rather the one with the most need, although perhaps it's someone we didn't know. They are following their own evolution and growth, and remember that you are not their only family members, the spirit may be busy with other things. It's a communication between two souls, a communication that can sometimes even give us information that we didn't know. Please also bear in mind that I'm not only a medium, I'm also a human being, and I can have better and worse days. If for any reason you're not happy, please tell me at the time so that I can resolve the problem.

The World of the Spirits is a world full of love and light. Our loved ones want us to know this, and their main aim is to tell us that they are fine, that they continue to live after the change which we call death, and that they want us to be fine too.