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Abuztua - 2021
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23/10/2021 - 24/10/2021

Including course material & partial recording

The 1st module can be booked separately to get started, special price € 298 (instead of € 349)! Participants who want to book after module 1 pay the difference to the regular price for 3 modules (reg. Price for 3 modules = 1,047 euros) Click here!

Repeater price 625, - €
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Mediumship I (Module 1): A First Approach

We begin with easier, everyday exercises to understand how you can work in your own way with the spiritual world, invite it to come to you and connect with you.

Other topics:

Which chakras do we use for this connection?

What belongs / comes / from you, what belongs to the spiritual world? How can you learn to distinguish between these?

How do you connect with the energy and how do you distance yourself?

How can you convey a simple message to the spirit world?

Understand and translate symbols and their meanings

How do you see and feel spirit? And vice versa?

How do you turn off the mind ?: Taming the brain.

What tricks are there to fool the third eye?

Special exercises and meditation developed exclusively for this level.

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Mediumship Ambassador 2: going deeper

06/11/2021 - 07/11/2021

Mediumship II (Module 2): Going in depth


We begin to develop a deeper understanding of the spiritual world and slowly increase the difficulty of the exercises.


The topics:


The 3-way connection: the phone booth. (Another way to connect with Spirit).

The importance of the ancestral line

How do you know who is talking to you when communicating?

Secrets: How They Manifest and Affect the Deceased.

Children: How They Manifest.

Suicide: How can you tell if the deceased has committed suicide? What effect does this have on the ancestral line?

Affection and love, pacts, feelings and illnesses: how do they show up?

How do you deliver a message - a deeper approach.

What do you do when Spirit does not want to or cannot appear?

Special exercises and meditation developed exclusively for this level of training.

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Madrid - Evento Mensajes del Más Allá


Mensajes del más allá
Fecha: 27 de noviembre de 2021
Lugar: Espacio Ronda, Madrid
Precio: Desde 60 euros

Los sensitivos Mikel Lizarralde y Aldo Linares, el Dr. Miguel Ángel Pertierra, el parapsicólogo Pedro Amorós, o los periodistas Laura Falcó y Miguel Pedrero presentarán evidencias de la vida después de la muerte y tratarán de explicar qué nos quieren decir desde el más allá. No te lo puedes perder.  

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Mediumship III: Kompetenz erlangen / Bewandert sein mit und in der geistigen Welt

Mediumship Ambassador III: Acquiring competence / being familiar with and in the spiritual world

04/12/2021 - 05/12/2021

Proof of survival medium (i.e. being a medium that can convey evidence of the deceased that proves survival in the spiritual world)

How do you know you don't make everything up?


The journey of the soul.

Soul family: who are they?

Animals and Pets: How Do They Appear?

Cultural background and cultural symbols and beliefs: How do they flow into mediality?

Trance: Different types and modalities.

Channeling: What differences and similarities exist in comparison with trance.

Near death experiences.

Special exercises and meditation developed exclusively for this level of training.

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